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Inkmaker was founded in 1987 to look after the growing need for industrial equipment for automatic dispensing. The systems have been designed to automate the final step of the ink and paint production: the dispensing of the ingredients.

For detailed information please visit Inkmakers home page www.inkmaker.com 

We are representing and serving INKMAKER in Scandinavia.

Inkmakers standard product program covers the following: Complete dispensing systems with auxiliary equipment for liquids with a large range of viscosity up to 1.000.000 cps. The product range reaches from small manual or semi automatic systems to large turn-key computerised systems.

Standard products are available under the following brand names: 

Inkmaker Piccolo – An automatic dispensing system for max. 24 components with a dispensing accuracy of 1 gram. (0.2 g as option)

Inkmaker ARKO14 and ARKO16 – Automatic dispensing system for 14 paste components and 3 liquid components or 16 paste components and 3 liquid components

Inkmaker IDA25 and IDA32 – Automatic dispensing system for 25 paste components and 4 liquid components or 32 paste components and 32 liquid components

Inkmaker LAB32 – Automatic dispensing system for laboratories for max. 32 components with accuracy for liquids of 0,01 gram and for pasts of 0,001 gram.

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